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Industrial Heating Hire

Aggreko has a range of industrial heaters for hire across New Zealand and the Pacific.

Industrial heaters can provide temporary temperature control in a wide range of industrial scenarios. These vary from maintaining temperatures at trade shows to melting ice in ice rinks, to various HVAC and construction applications.

Our industrial heaters can be either water or air heated and are available in range of sizes.

Our portable air heater is an electric heater that has a number of heating elements where air is released by a fan unit. This type of heater is capable of delivering 150°C.

Conversely, our portable water heater is designed to provide a high performance fluid heating process. The water heaters are used for industrial and commercial applications that require fluid temperatures of up to 130°C.

Aggreko also offers cooling towers, chillers, air handlers, pumps, buffer tanks, heat exchangers and dehumidifiers for hire.

Our staff can guide you through the right heating solution for your business. Contact us now to find out more.