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Dual Power Generators for Hire

Reducing Costs of Power Generator Hire

We are introucing another way to make our energy solutions cost effective and efficient through utilisation of the ADDGAS system. Our ADDGAS power generators utilise both diesel and natural gas to create a unique power generation solution supported by Aggreko's reliability, operational and technical expertise.   

The ADDGAS system is an add-on technology that provides an opportunity to save on the overall running costs previously experienced by running a diesel only fueling option. Our ADDGAS power generators are suitable for projects where natural gas is readily available. A major cost experienced at projects sites is generally relating to the fuel. With ADDGAS, fuel costs can be reduced over the lifecycle of a project.

Benefits of ADDGAS Power Generator Hire:

  • Cost efficiency through use of natural gas and reduction of fuel costs
  • Flexibility through combination of the high load pick up of diesel generators and the reduced costs of a gas/diesel supply
  • Safety and reliability through a controlled design to the highest quality to ensure trouble free operation

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