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Chiller Hire for Ice Rink in New Zealand

6 March 2012: Auckland, New Zealand - Aggreko chillers have been in action again, this time cooling ice rinks in New Zealand for the international ice hockey match between USA and Canada. Top events specialists, Douglas Webber Group, selected Aggreko due to their temperature control expertise and solid reputation for speedy installation and maintenance of applications.  The three-tournament event required one rink to travel between the locations for setup and pack down for each match.

Event organiser Gareth Webber of Douglas Webber Group said, “A major challenge was the deadlines imposed through venue availability. We had access to the venue for approximately two days for each event. On day one, we would need to move in, build the ice rink, freeze the ice and ensure that the entire venue was ready opening to the crowd at 7pm. If we were delayed in any way, the show would be over, disappointing fans and causing significant losses to the teams and our company” he said.  

Following the show, the venue needs to be packed down which includes melting the ice and dismantling the rink in order to exit the venue on time.

To meet the requirements of the job, Aggreko supplied two 600 kilowatt air-cooled fluid chillers that operated at -12⁰ Celsius. The chillers were hooked up using a flexible hosing system that enabled Aggreko to circulate propylene glycol through the ice rink.  

Due to the stringent deadlines imposed by the venue owners, Aggreko was on hand to facilitate to speedy pack down requirements.  Heating up the ice while ensuring the on-site chillers are not impacted by the warming chemical process is a complex task, needing the dedicated management of a team of experienced engineers.  

Chiller services are increasingly utilised for events industry applications, including HVAC for building services and comfort cooling, and in this case, snow and ice-based events where maintenance of freezing temperatures are critical.

Douglas Webber Group is now focused on bringing ice rinks to communities around New Zealand that don’t have ready access to one. “We didn’t need such a large rink, so we can split it in two. With the assistance of Aggreko’s engineering experts and chillers, we are bringing ice skating and ice hockey to kids and communities around the country”.

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