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Field Days Opinion Poll Reveals Drought Effect

14 June 2013: Hamilton, New Zealand - An opinion poll of visitors to the annual Agricultural Field Days 2013 shows that 54% of respondents believe the effects of the nationwide drought are the biggest challenge facing New Zealand’s agricultural industry this year.

The Aggreko Thought Generator poll was conducted during the first three days of Field Days event. Visitors completed an iPad questionnaire hosted by Aggreko, the world leader in the supply of temporary power and temperature control solutions. The poll aimed to gauge industry sentiment around a number of topical issues.

Highlights from the Aggreko Thought Generator include:

- 90% of respondents said high temperatures and drought had an effect on production levels.
- 28% of respondents say  exports have decreased as a result of the high value of the kiwi dollar
- 53%  of respondents said that the recent increase in milk solid prices have not impacted their business

“As a supplier to the market, the various challenges facing the agricultural industry was something we were really interested to capture at Field Days 2013” says Philip Lendich, General Manager for Aggreko. “It will be interesting to see how the opinions and sentiments gathered via this poll play out over the coming 12 months.”

Please note, the results of this opinion survey do not necessarily reflect the views of Aggreko plc.

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