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Power for Samoa and Fiji Following Cyclone Evan

24 December 2012: Auckland, New Zealand – Aggreko, the global leader in the supply of rental power and temperature control, is sending ten generators to Samoa and Fiji to provide much needed alternative power following outages caused by cyclone Evan.

Destined for the main islands of both nations, six Aggreko 1250 kVA generators and one transformer will be shipped to Samoa; and four Aggreko 500kVA generators to Fiji.  With many businesses and essential services without power, the generators will be used to help the emergency efforts and to restore local utilities.

Philip Lendich, Area General Manager of Aggreko New Zealand and Pacific Islands, comments:

”The Aggreko team in the islands has been working hard all week to help the community whilst also supporting their own families. Our depot in Fiji is already working at capacity so we are shipping our most powerful units that are capable of supplying power to whole villages as they recover from the cyclone.

“We are making final preparations, including servicing the generators at our depot in Auckland, ready for the first available shipment and immediate utilisation once they arrive in Samoa and Fiji”, he says.

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Picture shows: Final preparations for ten Aggreko generators to be shipped from Auckland to Samoa and Fiji to support the recovery after cyclone Evan.

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