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Chiller Hire for Food & Beverage

Chiller hire and power generators are essential to New Zealand food and beverage industries. We have made a commitment to dedicate specialised personnel and develop new applications through for the food processing industry.

We can provide chillers, cooling towers, dehumidifiers and air conditioners to match any requirement. Our equipment is available at short notice  to help you meet your needs.

Temperature Control Applications

  • Fluid chillers, pumps and heat exchangers for above and below zero applications
  • Industrial dehumidification of work areas or drying food products
  • Portable air conditioners to improve working environments and productivity
  • Cooling towers to supplement existing capacity or for planned and unplanned shutdowns
  • Portable generators, transformers and distribution boards to maintain production during planned or unplanned outages

Chiller Applications for Dairy Farms in New Zealand

Dairy farms across New Zealand require large quantities of both chilled water and heat for their processes. Increased production demands on the system of a dairy farm means additional capacity for the ice tank and therefore more reliable supply. Aggreko's chillers for hire deliver the additional capacity without interruptions or lengthy delays. Utilising rented equipment increases capacity quickly and safely without large initial outlay. This is particularly important when increased capacity is required suddenly and without much warning. Aggreko can help when catering to seasonal demands or when facing failure of the current systems in place.

Chiller Applications for Wineries in New Zealand


The winery industry in New Zealand is world famous, and forms a large portion of the key industries across the region, as a result it is important to ensure seasonal requirements are met. Aggreko's chillers can assist in meeting the requirements of wineries across New Zealand. Our chiller applications can help void uncertainties, increase production capacity and help you obtain most from your season. Chiller applications for wineries include:

  • Additional refrigeration capacity
  • Field Quenching
  • Must Chilling
  • Fermentation
  • Codl Stabilisation
  • Barrel Room Cooling
  • Heat Sterilisation

For further information about how our chiller and other solutions can help your business, contact us today.

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